In our galaxy today, it would seem that Balance is the ultimate concept. Balance exists before all things, or rather, all things exist in various forms of Balance. Even at the atomic scale of our universe we see balance expressed in positive and negative charges. As we move up to the cosmos, balance comes in the form of day and night, winter and summer, Earth and Moon, Sun and Planets and so forth. Balance even exists before Love.

In order for us to understand love we must first experience balance. Love is ultimately a form of balanced emotions. Love is expressed in many ways, but all of them require the caveat of balance. Love is balanced communication. Love is balanced sexuality. Love is balanced passions. Love is balanced happiness. Love is balanced.

But the same cannot really be said for balance. A balanced checkbook does not require love. Nor does the balance of day and night. One would imagine that before the concept of love, there existed day and night. A balanced human requires love, but now we are talking about something more. Love is at the conscious level. But balance is at the essential level.

Once we understand balance, then we can begin to explore the concept of love.

I would propose that we do understand balance. Quite well. Balance is the joining of two equal and opposite expressions to form one perfect whole. Love, when expressed in its healthiest form, is balanced. Love can and usually is expressed in its wounded form. But as we begin to investigate love more closely, we will find that all of the wounded forms exist when there is an imbalance.

Balance leads to health, just as imbalance leads to woundedness. This applies to more than just love. When we have a chemical imbalance our bodies suffer. When we have a financial imbalance our credit suffers. When we have an emotional imbalance our ability to love suffers. The road to healing the aspects of love is always by balancing them.

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