In our world today, emotion seems to be the key to expressing love.  I still contend that love is not actually an emotion, but rather all emotions are versions of love.  If we look at the various emotions in our lives we will see that none of them would exist unless love was present first.  When we feel happy it is because we are doing something we love.  That one is obvious.  Most of the positive aspects of emotion are fairly obvious expressions of love.  When we feel excitement it is because we will soon be with something we love.  When we feel hope it is because we are one step closer to something we love.  But the negative expressions of emotion also necessitate love.  When we feel anger it is because something we love is threatened.  When we feel anxiety it is because something we love has an outcome we cannot predict.  When we feel pressured it is because something we love requires us to perform at a high level.  When we feel miserable it is because something we love is lost.

In every case, when we feel it is because something has happened to something we love.  I cannot think of a much better definition for feeling than emotion.  So all emotions are merely variations of our experiences with love.  If this is true, then what does that mean for our quest to secure love in our lives?

It would seem that all of the emotions can be further divided into six major categories.  Each category has both a positive and negative expression.  Emotions can be expressed as joy or remorse.  This is the obvious one.  Most emotions feature some aspect of this basic form of emotion.  Emotions can also be expressed as passion or hatred.  Then there is hope or fear, compassion or judgment and generosity or greed.  Finally, we can express our emotions with either a spirit of receiving or a spirit of loss.  All of the true emotions are merely combinations of these basic forms of emotion.  When we feel guilt it is a combination of judgment and fear.  When we feel uncomfortable it is a combination of fear and remorse.  When we feel offended it is a combination of loss and hatred.  When we feel satisfied it is a combination of joy and a spirit of receiving.  When we feel nervous it is a combination of passion and fear.  If you can think of an emotion which is not a combination of these six forms of emotion, I would be very interested to hear of it.  I am having a hard time finding one.  It would seem that all emotions can be described by the six major categories outlined above. 

Let us now investigate each of the forms of emotion separately, to see if they reveal any truths about the path to true love.

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