The Truth

In this Universe there exists a Truth. Both science and religion can agree to that. Science contends that it matters little what we believe, the truth is the truth. In this I must agree. Belief has little to do with the Truth. If I believe I can wake up tomorrow as a horse and run off into the distance, that does not make it the Truth. Just as if I believe that when I do evil unto others I will be punished by a wrathful God, does not make it the Truth. Where science is limited is where it demands absolute proof of a Truth before it is accepted as such. Unfortunately, the Truth does not feel it is all that necessary to prove itself. It is content merely being the Truth. It exists for us to find it, not for it to prove itself to us.

Science has made an assumption. It has assumed that humanity is not only the highest form of consciousness, but also the only thing in our Universe that possesses consciousness. Because consciousness is unique to humanity alone, it is no longer considered important to the Truth of the Universe. The Universe is not conscious so there is no reason to investigate this avenue. This is an incredibly arrogant assumption. Is there anything more selfish than feeling like you alone possess the gift consciousness? Or anything more foolish?

The Truth does not care what our assumptions are. It existed before humanity and will exist after. Just as consciousness existed before humanity and will exist afterwards. Can I prove this? No. Can you prove that I am conscious? No, but surely you know that I am, just as I know that you are.

The Truth is not found by making assumptions. The Truth is found by listening. Listening is akin to awareness and is probably better described as such. Awareness is the ability to look at a situation from every angle and every perspective. Once we remove our emotions from our assessment of a situation and begin to truly listen to the message contained within, we will always hear it. The thing about the Truth is once it is found it is undeniable and cannot be forgotten. But we will only find it when we are aware of the cause and effect of our actions. When we begin to look at the series of events that lead up to each interaction in our lives we will see that they all flow from one to the other quite logically. If we can calm our souls and quiet our emotional responses, we are able to live in awareness. Once we are able to identify the series of decisions that have brought us to the current situation, we are almost always able to deal with that situation in a much healthier way.

I have presented a lot of information in this document as if it were the absolute Truth of our Universe. I am not a PhD student in any of the sciences, nor am I a theologian or an expert in astrology. I do not have any fancy degrees on my wall, nor any commendations from respected members of society. What I have is awareness. That is all. I am aware of my surroundings. I pay attention to the details in my life and attempt to discern patterns in my behaviour and the behaviour of others. I read a lot. But mostly I experience. I live within the cycle of Karma, rather than fighting against it.

I am not different in any way other than my dedication to awareness. The Truth always presents itself to those who are willing to listen. The Truth is not something we create, or imagine, or believe, or like, or dislike, or want, or need. The Truth just is.

All of the steps in my life to this point have brought me to the realization that the Earth is representative of a single Truth.

The Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions.

If you take the time to look at your life in awareness, there is only one Truth that you will discover. It is the same Truth I have discovered. I did not create this Truth. It does not exist because I approve of it. It simply is. There can be no other Truth.

It is interesting the simplicity of our emotions. In remorse love is bad. In joy love is good. In loss love is hard. In the spirit of receiving love is easy. In hatred love is ugly. In passion love is beautiful. In fear love is leaving you. In hope love is coming to you. In judgment love is earned. In compassion love is given. In greed love is mine alone. In generosity love is everyone’s.

If we can remember that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given and love is everyone’s we will always live in love.

I have discovered this not because I am perfect, but because I have made many mistakes. Through awareness, however, I have turned those mistakes into Truths. The proof is my failed relationships. The proof is the abundance of failed relationships we are surrounded with. How many truly successful loving relationships do you know of that do not suffer from unbalanced emotions? For all the wisdom I have spouted, I have never lived in one. Does that mean that a life of love is impossible? Of course not.

What this means is that there is only one way to live in love. The Truth.

The Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions.

Once we figure out this essential Truth, the rest is easy. The Truth of our Planet is that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given and love is everyone’s. Nothing else is true. Everything else is a wounded emotion. Everything else leads to loss, remorse, hatred, judgment, fear and greed. There is only one Truth and it does not care if we understand it or not. It will exist either way.

The Idea of Love is best expressed with Balanced Emotions.

You may read this and think to yourself, how can I claim to have healed all of my emotions when I have so many failed relationships. I respond to you that I am still in the process of healing. I would like to live in love. I have written my thoughts down and shared them with the world in the hope that my message of healing and love will be accepted for what it is. I offer it to you as my first step towards living in love. If you have read this far it is because you recognize a Truth to the words I have written. It is my hope that I will begin to share a love equal to that of a life partner with everyone in my life. It starts with you. My hope is that upon reading this you will see that I am ready to live in love. I also have faith in your ability to live in love or I would not have shared this with you. I have faith that you will understand that the love I offer you is not of a sexual nature. It does not imply dependence, or any pressure for you to perform in a particular way. It is true love. The love of a friend that will always be there for you, no matter what happens to you. If you falter, I will be there to lend a hand. When you succeed I will be there to share your success. I love you. I cannot promise to be best friends with 250,000 people. But I can promise that if you ever reach out to me in the future, that I will be there for you. No matter what you offer to me, I will try to remember that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given and love is everyone’s. And I will respond with love in my heart. That is my promise to you.

I would like to live in love and I would like you to join me.

One thing I have noticed in my life is that very few people dare to do something great with their lives. Humans built the pyramids without the help of motorized vehicles, electricity or in some cases iron tools. We built them with our bare hands. Some may say it was slavery that built the pyramids, but the truth is that those slaves accomplished something great that has never been repeated since.

I would like to build the pyramids. Not in a physical sense, and certainly not with slaves. But the idea behind the Alternate Economy is something that has a greatness to it. But just like the pyramids, I will never build this Alternate Economy alone. It will take a huge number of people working together. We will sweat and bleed and cry and laugh and love. But we will succeed if we can trust in each other to be great.

My hope is that these documents will inspire you to greatness. I believe you have it in you. I believe that everyone has it in them to be great. So long as they can move past their woundedness and trust in themselves and the rest of humanity.

Yours through eternity, if you will have me,

Tristan Nagler