Love Conquers All

I am absolutely blown away by the response my blog received yesterday.

After posting that I had received 27 followers last week, I received 26 new followers in just 24 hours! Plus I received 24 new comments, 19 new likes and 194 views. All in one day! Considering my blog is only 6 weeks old and has a total of 721 all-time views, this is an amazing developement.

I do not so much take this as a personal victory, but see this as a victory for Love. If I am able to convince 26 people to join me in living in love in one single day, then reaching 250,000 people together should be no problem. I have no doubt that the Alternate Economy will succeed. The Age of Aquarius is upon us. I do not care if my version of the Alternate Economy is the one that succeeds. I am able to rest happy knowing that an economy of Generosity is on the horizon. With the help of people like you, we WILL come to live in love.

Now I will ask you to do your part. You have already given me so much, I could not ask for more. But I will anyway. I ask that you share my posts with anyone you think will appreciate them. Post them to facebook, link to them on your blog, email them to your loved ones. I am not asking you to share out of selfishness. I know my message has a truth in it. I do not need the confidence boost (although it is nice…) I ask you to share Love for the sake of Love. If we can all join together in one “room” we CAN make a difference. But first we must find enough people to make our dream a reality. Alone I will not reach 250,000 people. Together we can do anything!

The power of numbers is astounding. I know that you know many people who will love these ideas as much as you do. Bring them in to our love. Share with them the gift of Hope. The gift of a better future.

I am not claiming to have all the answers, but together I know we will find them!

I am ready to live in love. But I am not the only one! Lets find them together!