Versatile Blogger Award: Recipient

I have to thank Bloggers Grandfather Sky and Nae’s Nest for amazing kindness and encouragement. I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger award. According to the rules of this award I am to share 7 intimate details about myself and nominate 15 other blogs for this award. The nominations will come through time, starting with three for now.

As for sharing seven new and intimate things about myself:

1) I am an Aries, with Aquarius rising and Gemini as my moon.
2) There are home videos of me as a young child building complex cities out of construction paper. I have been designing Utopia’s since I can remember.
3) There are also books and books of lists that I wrote before hitting puberty. I designed airline routes for North America, vast star colony trading routes, new vehicles, farming communites, and much more all before the age of 10.
4) My family used to think I was a little bit weird and would tease me about my lists, innocently of course.
5) I remember reading Buddhist texts that my mother owned as a small child and closing them with a bit of confusion. Nothing in there seemed all that complicated or new to me. I remember thinking to myself that I would quite easily become a Buddha in this life.
6) I have always had a strong feeling that magic does exist, we have simply forgotten how to use it. I look forward to one day walking on water with you!
7) I have vivid dreams almost every night, but do not keep a dream log yet. I should, and will probably start soon. Some of them are incredible metaphoric and would be interesting additions to this blog.

As for my Nominations, I will start with 3:

A Kiss of Bliss

This blog puts forward ideas of compassion and hope in the attempt to bring humanity together in Love. Just what I want to see!

The Observation Deck

This blog allows others to see life differently by challenging our perspectives.

Tales from the Lou

This blog spreads awareness by diving into the Truth.

I will be announcing more nominees as I find them. To any of you who have already received this award, consider my Nomination a confirmation of the great work you are doing!

All my love,