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I was fortunate enough to be asked to write a guest blog for MindMindful. I cannot seem to repost it, so here it is. I recommend reading it on her blog, however. She has many other interesting articles that are worth checking out!

This FAB article has been written by one of my blogging pals, who writes the oh-so-interesting blog, The Alternate Economy. Welcome to MindMindful!!

Tomorrow never comes
Photo by: Oshinn Reid

In our world today, the word tomorrow may be one of the most destructive. When we tell ourselves that we will do something tomorrow, what are we really telling ourselves?

I have often found in my life that certain things cause me to hold off until tomorrow. They are generally things that are either new to me, difficult for me, or boring to me. When things are new, I am unable to predict their outcome, so I shy away from the task. I say, tomorrow. When things are difficult and I am not feeling up to the task, again I say, tomorrow. Then of course there are the things that bore me. Tomorrow. I will accomplish them then.

The funny thing about tomorrow is that it never actually arrives. We do not wake up to tomorrow. Only today. It will never be tomorrow. It cannot. It can only be today. When we say, “I will do it tomorrow” we are really saying, “I do not want to do it”…

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