A Sample Proposal – Review

One week ago I posted the first (of many) sample proposal to the community. I chose to start with a Glass Resource Package that would essentially allow the community access to finished windows and doors, as well as greenhouse production, for free. When I say free, I of course mean that after an initial investment of $17,500,000 (just a little over two weeks of saving for 250,000 people that control a bank) the production can be managed in a way that a portion is sold to raise funds to keep the project afloat. All of the excess production will then be free for the community to use in construction of housing.

In one week the post received 42 views, 9 “likes” and 9 votes.

The voting break down is 8 in support of the idea and 1 who opposes the plan. I also had a private conversation with a member who felt very strongly that we should not go forth with this plan, but I know they did not vote. So I will count the “No’s” as 2.

That means the proposal is currently receiving an 80% approval rating.

If you missed the proposal and would like to vote as well, please visit:

A Sample Proposal

I would love to see more participation in the voting process. I know we don’t actually have $17,500,000 or 250,000 members, but we do have over 400 people reading this blog. By starting to talk about how we want this project to look, we will inevitably create more understanding and discussion and interest in our ideas. At least, that is my hope.