Versatile Blogger Award – Nominees

I recently received the Versatile Blogger Award. One of the conditions of this Award is that you pass it on to others in the blogging community. I have awarded 3 Versatile Blogger awards so far, and now would like to announce another 5 nominees. All of these bloggers have shown me huge support up until this point and I would like to return the favour. They are also amazing bloggers and have lots of great things to say.

So here we go…

My fourth nomination goes to Sustainableutopia. I have known Lesley for many years but only re-united with her recently, by chance, through her blog. Her blog puts forward many of the same ideas that mine does and is well worth a read!

My fifth nomination goes to Tick Tech Told. The main theme of her blog is technology, but she throws in her thoughts about love as well. She has also been so kind as to draft a post for my blog entitled How to be Loved.

My sixth nomination goes to MindMindful. She has also been hugely supportive of the Alternate Economy and has submitted a guest posting as well as many well thought out comments.

My seventh nomination goes to Heroes Not Zombies. Although I have only recently discovered this blog, I feel it very much represents the ideas I am also putting forward.

Finally (for now), my eighth nomination goes to The Biblical Appologist. Although we disagree on nearly everything, I have to say I love debating with Cris. He is very open-minded and well versed in the Bible.

If any of my nominees have already received the Versatile Blogger Award, please consider my nomination a confirmation of your great work so far. I wish you all success in the coming years. May we live in love together!