In the Mirror

Photo by: Oshinn Reid

Every day when I go in to work I start my shift off by cleaning the bathrooms. I actually really enjoy this activity, because it allows me a few moments alone to prepare for the day. Plus, I am always amazed at how easy it is to keep a public restroom clean. Granted, our customers are what would normally be referred to as the upper class, but they are still bathrooms, and they are rarely dirty at all. With five minutes and a windex bottle, I am able to have them sparkling. The worst case scenario I have to unplug a toilet which takes about 45 seconds and one hand washing. But I am getting off topic.

Yesterday as I was windexing the mirror I was looking at myself. I noticed how incredibly pronounced my dimples are when I smile. Sometimes when I start to smile at myself in the mirror I cannot help but smile more and more until I look like a bloody fool. But I have to say I love my smile. After my eyes, it is my favourite part about myself. Combined with my eyes, I feel it is a tool that could potentially change the world.

And then I noticed it. For the first time. A wrinkle. As I stood there smiling at myself like an idiot, I saw it. And it brought a mist to my eyes. For the wrinkle was right there on top of my dimple, creasing upwards towards my nose. It seems my smiling has paid off. It is true what they say when you are a child. If you make a face enough times, it will get stuck that way. Mine is stuck in a smile. My wrinkle is the proof.

I will be turning 30 this year in 2012, and I have to say, I cannot wait. I am very excited about this year and what it has to offer. I am ready for what the world has to offer me. Whatever I am confronted with I will remember that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s and I will smile through it.