Guest Post – LOVE: The Unexplained – Part 1

This poem was written by one of my blogging friends. Please visit his site at Varun Genius

There are many things that are
And many others that are constrained,
Of all such things there is one,
The explanation of which can never
be done, It’s the secret of all happiness within,
One who wins LOVE wins everything. Looking at the eyes with faith and
And believing that it gives so much
Just looking from your side isn’t
enough, Because LOVE is about struggle, not the
easy stuff,
When you see yourself in those
shining eyes,
Only then you can say that LOVE is in
the skies. Feeling the touch with pleasure
And naming it something that was no
longer unnamed,
Only feeling the sense can’t bring you
to light, You have to see no dark, just seeing
When you feel something inside that is
out of thoughts,
Only then you can say that LOVE is in
the hearts. Talking for long while ignoring other
And thinking that the more we talk,
the closer it brings,
Just saying what you feel with your
eyes closed, You can’t see the face with
expressions exposed,
When you talk about right, and not
about the likes,
Only then you can say that LOVE takes
us to the heights. Doing something you have never
done before,
And showing off your acts a little
Only pretending that you like to act the
same, You can’t disguise yourself in
someone’s name,
When you show everyone what you
really are,
Only then you can say that LOVE takes
us far. In your life, when there are ups and
Hold your hands and avoid the
Defy the gravity and fly up high,
Push up yourself across the sky, When evrything is destroyed and
nothing remained,
You will find only LOVE that ever
sustained……….The Unexplained!!!