A Sample Proposal – Perpetual Housing Package

At the Alternate Economy our main goal of forming a bank is to allow us to begin puchasing resources. Below is a sample of what some of my proposals to the community will look like. Each proposal should have three main areas, outlined in as much detail as possible.

1: Costs
2: Business Plan for Sustainability
3: Benefits to Community

This proposal is only an example, we still need to form a bank before we start worrying about actual details.

Perpetual Housing Package


One months budget for our community

This proposal will contain 2 parts:

– Income Housing Initiative – $12,500,000
– Community Housing Initiative – $12,500,000

Income Housing Initiative

This is, in my opinion, an ingenious design that allows our community to put in motion a home-building machine that literally funds itself and creates perpetual free housing for our members. Current data for construction costs of a single family home put it in the region of $150,000 a unit. For homes that share a building, such as semi-detached houses or condos, the construction cost tends to be closer to $100,000. Regardless of the cost, the interesting thing about the real estate market is that new houses generally sell for around twice their cost to produce. By keeping our costs low (which will be easier if we decide to purchase a construction company and certain resources such as lumber, cement and steel production) the community will be able to offer affordable housing to non-members. We can then use the income generated from selling this housing and reinvest it back into the project. By never removing any money from the machine and ensuring that we sell enough houses to remain just slightly in the black, we can literally build free homes for our members forever. It will be a slow process, but within 15 to 20 years the majority of our community should be housed freely.

The idea is simple. For every house we build and sell, we will generate enough income to build two new houses. When we build the two new houses, we keep one for our members and sell the other. The sale of this home allows us to build two more houses. By always keeping one and selling the other, we are able to create housing to infinity.

The housing we sell to non-members can be scattered around the globe, in various hotspots for building. We can ensure that our homes are low cost yet still environmentally friendly. By building in multiple locations we will ensure the profitabilty of this program. The housing we build for ourselves will be permanent additions to our community, so we may find they cost a little more to produce. We might need to sell two homes for every one we keep, but in the end, as long as we manage our money efficiently and continue to acquire new resources (which will ultimately lower construction costs) we should have no issues creating free housing for ourselves. It will mean building 6 or 700,000 houses, but it will also mean that our entire community is housed for free.

Community Housing Initiative

The Perpetual Housing Machine works by purchasing several large tracts of land for non-member housing and building housing for the community on a different location. The way I envision this system working is that we buy one large piece of land somewhere central, that is easy to access and has a decent number of natural resources. We will establish our community housing on this piece of property. All housing built here will be given to community members, for free, on a lottery system. It would be wise to invest in other production such as agriculture in this area as well. If our community members will be living here, there must be something for them to do. This housing initiative should be planned as small villages and cities, using the most current green technologies and sustainable designs.

By skimming off the top of the income generating housing initiative, our communities can be built however we want them to be, with no investment from us other than our labour and ideas. Dream big. Think huge. We will have access to glass, steel, lumber and cement. We will be promoting sustainability and balanced living. We will be living in love and therefor exploring our passions in our communities. We will be able to create amazing cities from nothing, with the help of the people who “do not support us” and would rather buy homes the old fashioned way from us. And there will be many of those people along the way.

Benefits to the Community

Secure Free Housing for Our Members

The perpetual home-building machine is powered by the fact that housing generally sells for about twice of its construction cost. Especially if you have access to lumber, steel and cement resources at lower costs. By selling only the houses needed to break even and keeping the rest, our community is able to continuously build free housing for its members, simply by reinvesting the profits into more construction.

Please, take the time to consider this proposal as if it were real. Then vote below on whether or not this is a package you would like to see in the future. This vote is just an example, but it will be fun to see what people think! We can go in any direction with this Alternate Economy, but thinking big is what will win us back our world!

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