In our world today, it is actions that define the person, not words. A lofty statement coming from someone such as myself. This blog features many, many, many words.

I keep asking you to trust in me. I would ask that you simply trust in yourself, but it seems somehow easier to get you to trust in me. If you could trust in yourself to live in Love, to greet every instance in your life with the knowledge that love is good, love is easy, love is beautiful, love is coming, love is given freely and love is everyone’s then you would hardly need to trust in me.

But I feel very strongly that if I can do this, if I can live in Love, then anyone can do it. Perhaps if I could get you to see that one person is trustworthy, you would begin to trust in yourselves.

So who am I? Why do I deserve your trust? Am I even capable of the things I say?

It is the actions that define the person. My words are beautiful, but they are wind. In order for you to ever trust me, you must first come to see me for who I truly am.

I believe in Love. I believe in the success of the Alternate Economy. I do not pressume to be so incredibly wise as to know how this thing will play out. Maybe we will form a bank, maybe we won’t. I still think it is a good idea, but many don’t and I am willing to listen… to alternate solutions. Constructive criticisms and alternate ideas will always be welcome. I feel very strongly that there is a reason that my blog has received the success it has. I have 800 followers in only 2 months. I have nearly as many comments and dozens of reblogs of my postings. Love is the answer. People want this to be true.

So now it is time to prove to you who I am. Not with my words, but with my actions. This blog will soon become a chronicle of my upcoming venture with Mariposa Farms. Another point in Love’s favour, I have been offered a plot of farmland to use to raise crops for the Alternate Economy, free of charge. What generosity? The crazy thing is, I did not even ask… I was simply approached by a relative stranger, our only connection a recent friend.

I am ready to live in Love and follow the path the Universe sets before me. I was not expecting to spend my summer farming two weeks ago, and now I could not be more excited. Through my labour and my Love, I know my crops will succeed to some measure. I believe that the Universe wants this idea to succeed. Why would it not want to see Balance restored. I will take this amazing opportunity and use it to prove to you, my newest friends, that I am who I say I am. I will use the land to grow crops organically. I may not be able to get organic certification, but I will not use pesticides either way. Organic is a way of life, not a certificate. I will use the compost from the farm animals to get the soil ready. I will start the plants indoors, to make sure they are nice and healthy when they are finally exposed to the elements. I will listen to the advice of the people around me. I will spend every day at the farm, even though I have a full time job. I will enjoy every minute of it. I will give everything I harvest back to you, my friends, who helped me get so far. I will recruit my friend Linette to can pickles and hotsauces and pasta sauces and chutnies. She can’t wait to be involved. I will create bi-weekly packages for sale to help raise funds to put into a joint account for the Alternate Economy. I will send parcels to the local soup kitchen to help feed the homeless in my community. I will give some of the crops back to Ian for his amazing generosity in using his lands. I will keep some food for myself, to help improve my health. And at the end of the summer we will share in the successes of this farm. The money raised will go towards buying a piece of farmland of our own. Or perhaps it will go to some other investment. The point is, I will include you in every step. If you choose to help out, I will accept your help lovingly. If you choose to simply offer your support I will accept that too! I will accept donations during the early stages, because I am not made of money and I do not know if I can afford to plant an entire 1/4 acre of land. But know that I will account for every penny donated and where it is spent. There will be no secrets here. If you want to send actual seeds or tools rather than money, that would be great too. If you want to wait a year and see how this pans out, I do not blame you. I am not really offering you anything. I will be blunt. I am offering you a story of Love and success and an ability to participate in its start-up. That is about it. If you do not live in the area, then I can’t really offer you any vegetables. I could mail you a can of preserves…

The reason I feel this farm is so important is because it allows me to show you who I am. You will see my successes and my failures. See where I wasted money and where I spent it wisely. You will see that I am human, I make mistakes, but in the end I am still capable of greatness. We all are. I know I am. But I do not feel like my actions indicate that I have become great. Not yet. My words are nice, but my actions are few and far between. The time has come. The moment is now. If I am ever to be great it starts today.

Today I will move forward in Love. I will continue to write about my successes, but my focus will be on my actions, rather than always my philosophy. It is time to trust in one another. I know you can trust in me. Now it is time to prove it. I will be asking for donations, but I will be farming with or without them. I will only plan projects I can afford and if I get some help I will ask you how you think it should be spent. I will spend my summer in the sun, sharing my Love with my crops, with my community and here on my blog, with you.

Please join me at least in witnessing my transformation. I am Love. Or so I say. Let me show you what this means.