Living in Love Award: Updated

Since posting this Award I have received a large volume of participants, but I now realize that the rules may have been a bit vague. I will continue to run this Award, but will tighten the rules slightly so as to ensure that I can keep up with the submissions.

Since starting this blog I have received several awards. Each one comes with a stipulation to pass it on to others in large quantities.

I have decided that I do not really want to do this… sorry.

Instead, I am going to announce a new Award. One that I have created. This one will be a little different. It does not require that you pass it on. It does require that you meet certain conditions for it! If you receive it, it also comes with a prize.

So, here we go.

I would like to announce the Living in Love Award.

How do I receive this Award?

If you would like to receive this award, you will be expected to perform three tasks and send an email to Only entries sent to will be considered.

1) Please send me one essay of 500 words (approx.) describing one Random Act of Kindness that you have performed since learning of this Award. If you are worried it may take time to find an opportunity, do not fear, there are literally millions of opportunities out there for kindness.

2) One thing the Alternate Economy is all about is sharing our excess. Take a look in your closet, pantry, basement. What do you have too much of? Who could use it more than you? Please send one email of 500 words (approx.) indicating a donation, not of money, but of items and who they were donated too. It could be a friend, or a neighbour or the local shelter. But I want to hear how you have shared of your excess.

3) Finally, I want your thoughts. I want your knowledge. I want your perspective. Please write one essay of 1000 words (approx.) dedicated to the topic of Love. Define what it means for you. How you wish to live better within it. And what you plan to do with it today. I would like this to be a unique piece, written in response to this Award.

Send Entries to

Anyone that meets these three conditions will be awarded the Living in Love Award.

Your Prize

1) You will receive 3 guest spots on this blog to feature your works! My blog has around 1,200 followers, and I will give you my audience to show off your ability to live in Love. You can write new pieces, or use ones that you love from the past. It is totally up to you. My blog is yours!

2) You will also receive 1 guest post written for your blog, by me. This will be a unique piece and the topic is your choice! I will not post it on my blog, only on yours!

This is my response to all of the awards I have received so far! I am eternally grateful for having received them, but feel that I would rather give out an award of my own.

Send Entries to