Sunshine Award

I have actually been awarded this one twice in the last few days! Sorry to take so long to post this…

Many thanks firstly to Dimitie Kendall for nominating my blog for this award. Her blog features spiritual writings that focus on healing and living eco-friendly.

Also, thank you to Shala of the blog Mind Mindful. She is one of the Alternate Economy’s earliest followers and greatest supporters so far. I highly recommend looking at her blog, as it is well worth the read.

Some questions to help you get to know me:

Favorite Color – Indigo, like my eyes

Favorite Animal – Birds, specifically parrots. But anything with feathers works for me.

Favorite Number – 7

Favorite Drink – Ginger-Ale

Facebook or Twitter – Both, but only because I am supposed to…

Your Passion – Finding the Truth. Creating that Truth around me.

Giving or getting presents – I have always been a giver, but I am realizing that both are equally important. You cannot only give, and you cannot only receive. Everything in balance.

Favorite Day – Today

Favorite Flowers – Orchids, specifically the Cattleya genus.

I wanted to get my acceptances out to f the way first. I will be making nominations of my own in the very near future. Hopefully your blog will be one of the nominees!