Unexpected Places

I am just starting to get over a pretty nasty fever that has lasted since Wednesday evening. I am feeling much better, except for my back. My back is so sore right now, from coughing, shivering and vomiting pretty much non-stop for the last 3 days. When you are sick it is easy to get down in the dumps about other aspects of your life as well.

All I want from life at this moment in time is a backrub. Yet this appears to be a lot to ask. The truth of the matter is, I do not have anyone in my life at the moment who is interested in giving me a backrub. Not anyone close by enough to be a real option, at least.

So, after thinking about it for a while I realized that maybe some stretching would help my back. I took a long deep stretch and it helped for a second. I decided to ask my brother if he would join me in some Yoga in the morning. I explained how my back is killing me and how I thought some exercise might help.

He agreed and then went on to surprise me. My brother went into his room and dug out his old heating pad that I had completely forgotten that he owns. He recommended I plug it in and lie down for a bit.

It was not a backrub, but I have to say, this gesture was huge for me this evening. I was starting to get all sad about the fact that I would not be receiving any backrubs in the near future. I was forgetting that Love is easy. I was forgetting that Love appears in many forms. Sometimes touch. Sometimes simply in the form of an idea.

My back feels much better now, thanks to my brother. I would not have thought of that without him. Love is easy, it turns out. You just have to talk. And be willing to receive.

I may not get to lie down next to my lover tonight, or get that backrub I wanted so bad. But I did receive Love and for that my back feels much better. My heart feels a little better too.