I am rather excited that my blog has been so successful to this point. I do not want to offend anyone, now that I am going to take some time to work on my website. The fact of the matter is, I do not like the way WordPress is set up.

I currently have just a little over 1,200 followers, here on WordPress. The thing is, I am looking for the exact opposite. I am not looking to meet followers. I am not looking to secure followers. I am not looking to associate myself with followers.

I am looking for leaders. I am looking for 250,000 leaders. Not 250,000 followers. 250,000 followers gains me nothing. 250,000 leaders, now that will equal a new world.

I am looking for 250,000 people who are ready to stand up and say, YES! I am a leader. I am confident in my abilities. I am perfection. I am Love. I am the answer. I am the key. I am the One. Not because I am better than anyone else. But because I have chosen to Live in Love.

I am looking for 250,000 people that sicken at the thought of being followers. I am looking for 250,000 people who have made a commitment. A commitment to always do the right thing. A commitment to take the time to analyze a situation in Love, before proceeding. A commitment to be the better person, take the higher road.

WordPress does not allow for a system of leaders. I am looking to create a community of participants. A community of Lovers. A community of Leaders.

I will not abandon this blog, as it has done so much good so far. But I will find a way to get people over to my site. It will involve posting your ideas. It will involve getting you involved in the forums, in the comment threads, in the discussion. And before long, WordPress will not be able to contain us. We will have a massive library of ideas of Love, and how best to live within it.

The Alternate Economy is about to enter a new phase. One where we all become much more active. I currently have 1,200 followers. I will soon have 250,000 leaders. Are you one of the followers, or one of the leaders?