Guest Post: To Love Again

To Love Again.

They say time heals all wounds,

To much time; for so much pain.

How Where Why?…..

You surface from the ground beneath you, to stay above all inner feelings.

The hurt runs deep, as a vein to the core of the earth.

Keeping above it, you feel nothing.

It’s desolate and cold.

But, alas through time, was no worse than your first fall.

Reborn once again to touch the warmth of the earth, capture the morning dew, a midnight’ mist or

gaze at dark clouds over the moon.

Familiarizing yourself again with life.

Awakening to sunrise, mind-drifted to the steadfastness of a river, grasping to create an eternity in a day; half mast eyes widening to sunset.

Looking forward once more to your dreams.

The gentleness of flesh’ touch with deep passions of desire, a soft-spoken whisper you hear and live to hear again and again.

A strong pounding heartbeat harmonizing with your own, together mind, body and soul joined in completion to love again.