I Need Help


So, here is what it really comes down to.  At the end of the day, I am only one person.  But there is a lot on my plate at the moment.  Granted I have put all of it onto my own plate.  But at the same time I am starting to realize that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

The real reason I am taking some time to renovate my website is that I am realizing that I need help.  I have too many projects.  Too much to do.  And I haven’t even started farming yet…

I have come to realize that once the farm is up and running, I simply will not have time to devote myself heart and soul to maintaining this blog.  Already, you will notice, that as soon as I take time off from promoting it, my new followers drop right off.  This blog requires constant attention to keep it running at such a high viewership.

I need your help.  I am going to start adding a few new features to my website.  I have found a script that will allow me to host free blogs on my website.  I want to try to make my website the sort of place that people feel inclined to visit everyday.  But I cannot come up with enough content on my own.  Over the next week I will be setting up a new blogsite, through my domain.  It will have all of the features WordPress has, and will be free for you guys to use.  I am also going to set up a search engine powered by Google, free email hosting, a new and improved forum script and a live news feed.  I would like to make my new website a one-stop-shop for information on Love.  On the main homepage we will also feature links to our philosophy, our videos and our upcoming projects.  Featured Blog articles, written by you guys, will appear on the homepage.

But this idea will only work if everybody gets involved.  For now, there is little for you to do.  I have a lot of work installing scripts and honing the design in the upcoming days.  But if you would like to help, I really need people who are skilled in graphic design, flash/dreamweaver, and web design to help fill out my portfolio.   If you have any skill in these areas and would like to help design the new page visually with me, please let me know in this comment thread.  I am not overly skilled in graphic design, and have no experience in flash videos.  But I really want this new website to look professional.  I want it to appear like the sort of site you would be proud to associate yourself with.  I know the content is worthy, but I feel my personal design skills are slightly lacking.  With your help, I know I can make this website look and feel exactly as it should.  And together we will develop a community on the internet like no other.  A community based on Love and Generosity.  A community of contributors and leaders.  A community willing to live in Love.

Together, we will make this work.