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So, I have been working a lot on the website.  Things are starting to come along.  I am trying to set up a mirror site for WordPress, that allows you guys to create a free blog and post items for the Alternate Economy.  I am having a few glitches, but I am sure I will figure it out soon enough.

In the meantime, the new and improved forum site has been constructed and is fully operational.  Now I just need some forum members…

To encourage my new friends to move over to the forum on my site, I have written a new post, entitled “Ego”.  Please, take a look below for the first portion of this essay. For the rest of the essay, please visit our newly created forum.


In our world today, there is a constant battle raging. It is the battle of the ego. Its battlefield the open stretches of our minds eye. The Individual marks their territory, sets up a defensive perimeter and hunkers down for the long haul, with their Pride as their only companion. But who is the enemy?

Ego has many negative connotations. People said to possess an ego are generally considered to be selfish, boastful, and even arrogant. It is true that this is a form of ego, but this is not the definition of ego. We all have an ego. We all have a sense of identity. We all share our feeling that we are separate and unique from other individuals. Our ego is what defines us. Not so much to others, but more in how we define ourselves to ourselves. Our ego can be and usually is expressed outwardly. If we feel we are shy and quiet around new people, then we express ourselves that way in public. Some might say this person has a very small ego, because they say little and do not take of the spotlight. But this would not be true. The shy individual has as great a sense of ego as any extravert. It is their incredibly strong feeling of individuality that keeps them on the sidelines. Through repeated assessments of themselves, they have made themselves nervous around new people. Instead of allowing themselves to feel and act naturally, they spend time second guessing their next statement. Their ego is one of self-doubt. But it is just as strong a presence in their life as an ego full of pride.

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