Living in Love Award: Submission: Adventure in Kindness

This post represents the fifth blogger in the running for the Living in Love Award. It was shared with us by Hearts that Care. The first step to earning the Award is Sharing of your Excess and blogging about it. Please check out Angela’s blog, for her first submission.

Adventure in Kindness

I discovered that I have a wonderful, kind community last Sunday. Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been in my area all week; and, to kick-off their event, our local food bank had an EXTREME food drive that started January 20th and ended February 5th with a goal to collect 307, 000 pounds of food. In my mind I thought, “what a beautiful way to promote kindness in the world. ” So my adventure started January 21st, when I picked up ten boxes to distribute to various locations. The initial responses were mixed depending with whom I spoke, but, I stayed passionate and positive. I was able to leave boxes with several people; however, it was the Dollar Tree in the Ctiy of Poquoson and C. Alton Lindsay Middle School of Hampton, Virginia that took this campaign to heart! I am extremely grateful for their efforts.

On Sunday, January 30th, it was the perfect day to set out into my own neighborhood in Poquoson (Wilson Drive and Pasture Road) to collect non-perishable foods. It was crisp outside but not uncomfortably cold. I had my puppy-dog Sasha, my husband Rick and a green metal wagon in tote to set out, go door-to-door, meet my neighbors and collect goods. With high hopes I started next door. Ding-dong! We stirred my neighbors’ cat as it jumped up into the front window and stared at us, but, it appeared no one was home. This did not discourage us. We set out to the next home, our neighbors, Elaine and Jim. They were absolutely wonderful.

Elaine invited me into her home. I was able to chat with her husband Jim while Elaine went into her pantry to gather some non-perishable foods. It was such a beautiful, heart-warming time. That set the tone for my kindness adventure. Neighbor after neighbor on Wilson Drive and Pasture Road were so giving, sharing, generous and grateful to me to take the time to collect the food. WOW! Really?! GRATEFUL to me. I was and still am so grateful to my neighbors for sharing their food and time with me. It was an awesome experience of kindness.

In retrospect, I was a bit nervous to do this. I had thoughts of what if I bother people or what if I offend people. Then, I looked deep down inside me, found that inner, innocent child, the one with the wide eyes of wonder and the willing heart. I channeled that willing heart, my inner child, to find the courage to say why not and just do it; and, I discovered, most adults cannot say no to an idealistic child. I was able to collect over 100 pounds of food that over-filled one box; and, with the combined efforts of the other 2 boxes in the other locations, it was a total effort of 152 pounds of food!!! We live in a beautiful world!!!