Active First Day!

I was curious to see how my new blog would fare after one day of promoting it here on WordPress. It turns out it did pretty well. Better than this blog, believe it or not…

In one day, My New Blog received 429 views. This blog received 100 views.

In one day, My New Blog received 10 new followers and 1 comment follower. Keep in mind that you must confirm your subscription by checking your email and clicking the “confirm” link sent to you. It seems that my blog has received 70 followers in total, in one day, but only 10 of you have confirmed your subscriptions. This blog received 1 new follower.

In one day, My New Blog received 5 comments. This blog received 11 comments. Most of the comments on this blog were indicating that you would take a look at the new blog…

Please, if you are considering creating a blog on my system, don’t worry too much about losing traffic. As long as you make the new blog your primary blog in your settings area, and Make your Gravatar link to the new blog, you will find all your new traffic gets sent to the new blog. If you choose to import your old posts and comments to the new system, it will be as if you never left. Or, even better, you could create a sister blog, with new content, and double your viewership.

Unconditional Love – Visit a Post Hosted by The Alternate Economy

Don’t doubt for one second that any blogs created on my site will get help with promotion from yours truly, me. I will add you to my rss feed, post your new posts on my homepage, link you to the alternate economy facebook page and anything else I can to get people over to your new blog. The new system also has a Search Engine Optimization plugin that you can use to get listed on Yahoo! and Google.

Please visit the first of many blogs created on The Alternate Economy network.