Living in Love Award: Finalist: The Art of Giving

Congratulations to Now is the Beginning, the very first recipient of the Living in Love Award! The prize is three parts – the permission to post the image associated with this award on her blog, three spots on my blog to feature posts of her choosing, with the chance to reach my followers and finally, I will write a post for her blog on the topic of her choosing. This post will only appear on her blog, not on mine.

Now is the Beginning succeeded in the final task for Living in Love, Donating of her Excess. Not cash, but items she no longer needed.

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Here is the Post that won her the Living in Love Award!

The Art of Giving

Post two of my three post quest for the Living in Love award given out by fellow blogger Alternate Economy calls for a post about “sharing your excess.” Well, thanks to the internet, Hub and I find that easy to do in our home.

There’s a wonderful group on Yahoo that I joined years ago after La Madre joined it. It’s called Freecycle. I believe it is a group that runs across the country. If you haven’t heard of it and you have a ton of shit lying around your house that you don’t need, join this group. It’s arranged by county, so I joined the group for Ocean County. People post things that they are looking for or giving away and others respond to give away or pick up their items.

Donating to a charity or a thrift store is a great idea. But for me, someone who doesn’t like to go outside much, I always felt like I was never sure if my items were going to good use and sometimes getting out is… difficult. Using Freecycle, I know crap I don’t find useful anymore is going to be useful to someone else. I’ve had the pleasure of giving away books, clothes, kitchen appliances and movies. I don’t care if I could sell them somewhere for more–or if the people who I give them to eventually sell them–as long as someone gets a use out of things I can’t use anymore.

Not only have I gotten rid of a lot of stuff on Freecycle. I’ve made a couple of friends. Just before Christmas, a woman contacted me about some hotel soaps I was giving away–I had about three bags of them. I told her I had given the ones away that I had already, but my mom had some and I would pick them up from her to give to the woman. She was so grateful. I found out that she was using them to put into shoeboxes along with other items to give to needy children. I kept her e-mail address and told her I’d contact her as it got closer to Christmas this year so I could give her more things that I collect throughout the year. Another woman I met I gave a Christmas sweater. She e-mailed me when she got home and told me it was the most beautiful sweater she’d ever seen. I got teary when I read that, knowing that I made someone so happy to have said that.

If everyone joined Freecycle and gave out their stuff they didn’t want/need anymore, so many people would be helped, money would be saved, and I’m sure there’s something eco-friendly about it.