This very thoughtful post was written by my Blogging Friend Varun Genius. Please take the time to visit his blog!

There are thinkers and there are doers…..and there are those who lie in both of them (I’ll call them ‘all-overs’) and also those who lie in neither of them (I’ll call them ‘neithers’). The ‘doers’ only do; the ‘thinkers’ only think (although we can also call them ‘doers’ because they actually ‘do’ in their strong imagination, considering every perspective); the ‘all-overs’ are the ones who first ‘think’ and then ‘do’; and the ‘neithers’ who are just like robots……unconscious…..who don’t make any efforts in thinking and doing.

Original Painting By Valerie Fulford – Alternate Economy Member

You all might be thinking in which of the above category you fall!! Well, you are thinking, so you fall under the category of ‘thinkers’. Thinkers are innovators, planners, observers, inventors, advisers, artists, and so on. These are the ones who think from every possible perspective, so precisely that they actually ‘do’ it in imagination. So, in a way, they think for the doers, so that the doers can do their tasks efficiently and safely. But the most important of all is the ‘all-overs’! These are the ones who first ‘think’ like thinkers…..then ‘do’ like doers. They spend their time first ‘thinking’……which includes a lot of careful observation, analysis, innovation, planning and practical feasibility. Then, they dedicate their time and energy to ‘do’ what they have planned. One of such lively example, which I see, is given by my friend “Tristan Nagler”! I’ve been reading his posts and I’m very inspired by his actions. I noticed that he posted in a much planned way, on every possible topic you can think of! He first started the ‘thinking’ job; then he planned for his actions; and now he’s finally implementing his actions and that too, quite successfully. He is from the category of ‘all-overs’, so rare to find today. To ‘live in Love’ is his tagline for the title of his life!

We all can share some part of us with him. Whatever you believe you can do, just bring it out! If you believe you can give ideas because you categorize yourself under ‘thinkers’, then do it; go inspire people! If you believe you can ‘do’ something in accelerating his intentions and ideas, then do it; go lead people! If you believe you can also think & plan and then implement it independently, then do it; go set an example! I’m very impressed with Tristan’s thoughts and actions and so I’m dedicating this post to him. Currently, I can just do this! But in future, if there comes a chance to help in his ‘actions’, I definitely will!!
“Live in LOVE” is what he says and the belief he lives on! I tell you now, “Go, DO IT THE ‘NAGLER’ WAY….!!!!”

Thanks again Varun Genius. Please take the time to visit his blog!