Original Painting by Valerie Fulford

The Alternate Economy now has three blogs. Each blog features different content and different themes. Essentially, I have taken this blog and divided it into three separate blogs, in order to make things a little more accessible.

Daring to Live in Love

This is the original blog, the one you are on now, and will contain mostly guest posts, new contributions from invited authors, commentary on Love, Awards to other blogs for their effort to Live in Love and challenges to help strengthen our ability to Love naturally every day. This will be a community blog, from this point forward and will mostly feature content from other users.

Sample Posts:

Living in Love Award: Finalist: The Art of Giving

The Alternate Economy Radio Station

Guest Post: Followers?

Our Philosophy

This blog will contain the core essays that I have written on Love, Balance and Emotion. All of the main topics of the Alternate Economy’s Philosophy and Goals will be found on this site.

Sample Posts:

A Spirit of Receiving

The Meaning of Life


The Experimental Farm

This blog will feature all of the new updates and proposals and available goodies for the Experimental Farm, operated by the Alternate Economy this summer. We will be gorwing crops for an organic veggie co-op as well as to donate to the local soup kitchen.

Sample Posts:

6 Weeks ’til Last Frost

More Photos