The Experimental Farm

Photo by Varun Genius

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I have been offered a plot of land for the summer, outside of Ottawa, to use to grow crops to support the Alternate Economy.

Ian Walker of Mariposa Farms, has currently offered our community an amazing opportunity. He has 86 acres of farmland, much of which is in use, but much of which stands fallow as well. Assuming that we maintain the land and the crops and provide the seed, we are free to use the land as we wish.

What a spectacular offer! I am still trying to figure out how this benefits Ian, but sometimes Generosity is simply that. His land is unused. We need land.

To start, since I have little experience as a farmer, we will begin with a small 1/2 acre plot and a greenhouse.

Here is how I see this working. I would like to grow some simple crops throughout the summer, organically, and split the harvest in three ways. One half of the harvest will go to market, to raise funds for the Alternate Economy, so that we may purchase land of our own. One quarter of the harvest will go to Ian, for his generosity in using his land. One quarter will be donated to the local Shepherd’s of Good Hope soup kitchen.

For All New Updates on the Farm, please visit This Link