By Varun Genius

No, you can’t be! You are never wrong, you never were and you never will be! Why am I saying this? Because this is the truth! When do you consider yourself wrong? Is it when you do or say something that hurts others or is it when you hurt yourself! When you make a decision, you think…..think…think a lot…why? Just to make sure that you are not making any wrong decision. But are you ever really wrong? I say NO. It is actually your own realization that makes you think you are wrong, but you are not! Let’s take an example.
Suppose you have to make a decision between attending a friend’s wedding and going on a trip with your family. Also, suppose that there’s no alternative than to choose one out of these two optioImagens. Now, you start thinking……a lot of thinking and ask questions to yourself, “what if I go and enjoy with my family, but then my friend will be upset…!” or “what if I go to my friend’s wedding, but then I’ll miss the fun trip with my family..!” After all these self-questioning and long discussions, you finally come to a conclusion – a decision. Whatever it may be, but it is clear that you have to choose just one and skip or reject the other. But after making the decision, you start regretting for making that decision. Why? Weren’t you aware of the fact that you have to choose just one and ignore the other? Yes, you were aware. This means you were WRONG even before making that decision. You knew that you are going to make wrong decision. But this is not true!
You are WRONG when you THINK you are wrong! That’s right! Our parents, society, elders and other people that we meet, keep us aware about things that are right and things that are wrong. But that is their perspective. How can you say that something that is right for one can be right for the other(s) too or something that is wrong for one can be wrong for the other(s) too! We all are different, unique personalities; we have different preferences, different likes and dislikes, different tastes, different perspectives, different opinions, different beliefs; then how can ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ be common to all? If your friend likes ice-cream, then it’s not necessary that you like it too or you HAVE TO like it too. If being a ‘non-vegetarian’ is wrong for you, then it’s not necessary that it’s wrong for others too. If it were, then there would be no ‘non-vegetarians’. So, how will you know if you are wrong or right?
You are right when you are TRUE and you are TRUE when you believe you are! When you make a decision on the basis of truth, you are right. Truth never hurts – neither you nor someone else; truth only gives you realization which is sometimes difficult to achieve or accept but not impossible. But when your decisions are based on excuses or lies, then you are WRONG. This is because we believe that making excuses or telling lies is WRONG; as it gives nothing other than more excuses or more lies. And anything that depends on excuses or lies must be wrong too. But what’s more important is what you actually BELIEVE. If you believe that hurting someone with your decisions makes you wrong, then you are WRONG. But if you believe that every decision that you make will not hurt you or someone else, you are never wrong. Wrongness of a decision lies only in imagination to cover and mystify the truth that lies underneath. If you look deep within and try to uncover the imaginary layers of wrong beliefs, you will find TRUTH…..which is always right!
So, ask yourself, “Can I be wrong?” If your beliefs are based on truth, you are never wrong…otherwise you are!!!

©Varun K. Sharma