By MindMindful

Well, to begin this conversation about mindful ways of being …….. what DOES it look like?! I only ask because I must upload a photo for my profile, & at first I found it very frustrating. Then – after a few mental tricks to get past that – I realized that IS the central issue — How does it appear? How do we recognize it? Does it change? And, hey – just what is “mindfulness” in the first place? What does it mean, & -perhaps most importantly – why should anyone care?

It’s extremely important to widen the gap between impulse and action; and that’s exactly what mindfulness does. This is one of the big advantages of mindfulness practice: it gives us a moment or two, hopefully, where we can change our relationship to our experience, not be caught in it and swept away by impulse, but rather to see that there’s an opportunity to make a different, better choice. -Daniel Goleman

This excerpt, from “Tricycle: the Buddhist Review”, www.tricycle.com, makes the point quite well – “mindfulness” trains us to be able to recognize the chance to AVOID being caught up in our usual mental & emotional habits, & thereby creating the same kind of outcomes, mistakes, suffering as we have before. With a mindful mind we have the opportunity, & hopefully will avail ourselves of it, to create a better world, for ourselves & for everyone else.

The Buddha said, “With our minds we create the world”. This is my heartfelt wish: With our ever-more mindful minds, let us together create the world we wish to live in.

((PS – I still don’t know what “mindfulness” LOOKS like …………. any thoughts??))