Daring to Live in Love

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Imagine owning an entire planet.

Sounds kind of ridiculous doesn’t it.

What about a forest? Can someone really own a forest? How does one claim ownership of that forest? Does that make the animals in the forest yours? What about the birds that only come for part of the year. Are they yours as well? Will you build a fence around it to keep what is yours in? Will you stay up nights thinking about how best to guard it?

What about a diamond? What do we gain when we own a diamond? We have a new rock. We are able to show it off to others. But we know of their greed, and so we must secure our diamond somewhere safe when we cannot watch it. What does owning this diamond bring us? Health? Does it fill our bellies, or enlighten our soul?

Now, think of owning a home. First of all, how many people even have the opportunity to purchase a home? And of those people, how many actually own their property, with no strings attached? In my experience, it is usually the Bank that owns our homes. And how is owning a home any more real than owning a forest? When we buy our home, we also take on all the responsibilities of being a homeowner. There is maintenance, heating in the winter, making improvements and cleaning. Not to mention the occasional disaster. What is it we own? Does buying a home bring us peace of mind? Would buying a forest, or a diamond…

Daring to Live in Love is realizing that we live in an Economy of Greed. Our society follows a set of rules. These rules all center around the idea of ownership. From marriage to grand theft auto, almost all laws pertain to ownership in some way. We define ourselves by our possessions. We are what we own. Maybe we don’t own our husband. But no one else can have him. It says so on paper.

When we begin to Live in Love we see that ownership is meaningless. Ownership implies control. We wish to possess things so that we may control them. “It is mine and nobody else can have it, unless I say so.” That is the root of possessions. When we begin to Live in Love we see that possessions are meaningless. You cannot control anything. Certainly not another person. Nature doesn’t often co-operate either. So what is it we are trying to control? What is it we desperately need to possess?

Love. That is all anyone is really looking for. But what is Love?

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