Living in Love Award: Finalist: On Love

Congratulations to MindMindful, the second recipient of the Living in Love Award! The prize is three parts – the permission to post the image associated with this award on her blog, three spots on my blog to feature posts of her choosing, with the chance to reach my followers and finally, I will write a post for her blog on the topic of her choosing. This post will only appear on her blog, not on mine.

MindMindful succeeded in the final task for Living in Love, Describing Love in her own words. It is a conversation between the reactionary mind and the mindful mind.

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Here is the Post that won her the Living in Love Award!

On Love: A Conversation Between Minds

Fearful self wonders, how can I feel safe?

The only real security is in caring for others

Weak self wonders, how will I be strong?

Love overpowers hate

Greedy self demands, why don’t I have more?

You are loved; it is enough

Angry self cries, the world is going to hell!!

There isn’t enough loving

Unkind self sneers, who cares what happens to someone else!?

The way you love is the way you will be loved

Ambitious self delares, I want my reward!!

The only thing worth having is love

Loving self answers,

Right here, right now

Egoic self protests, but what about ….???

Hush now, my darling ……. just be