I find it quite interesting the trends that I see while browsing certain tag threads on the WordPress site. I like to follow certain tags in order to see who is posting about certain topics. Because I am interested in the idea of Love, I follow the tags Love, Joy, Hope, Passion, Compassion, Generosity and Receiving, among others. I can’t help but notice that these 7 topics receive a very large range of posts per day. I imagine that the average number of posts with certain tags is a good indicator of how present a thought is in the “collective consciousness”. Some threads get literally thousands of posts per day, like family and art and photography. Here is how the words associated with Love fare.

Love receives approximately 45 posts per hour or 1000 posts per day.

Joy receives approximately 5 posts per hour or 120 posts per day.

Hope also receives approximately 5 posts per hour or 120 posts per day.

Passion receives approximately 4 posts per hour or 100 posts per day.

Compassion receives approximately 3 posts per hour or 75 posts per day.

Generosity receives approximately 7 or 8 posts per day. Yesterday, of the 7 posts on generosity that appeared in the thread, 3 originated from this blog.

Receiving receives approximately 1 post per day.

It seems we do not truly understand the components to Love. We are all searching for Love, but beyond Hope and Joy, and maybe a little passion and compassion, we really seem to be lacking in our ability to give and receive Love. It is time to embrace Generosity. It is time to embrace a Spirit of Receiving. Even I do not use the tag Receiving in my posts…

It is time to change the collective consciousness. It starts one blog at a time.

What will you tag with Generosity and Receiving today?