By Varun Genius

From the instant I entered this world
of disguise,
I’ve been influenced by those ‘true’
glittering eyes,
In the dark where I was blind of sight,
There always appeared two stars of light,
Like the shower of rain, a fresh
morning dew,
I see her eyes and find them always
A figure of LOVE, on the heavenly shelf,
A “woman” is what she calls herself. When we were small, unknown to all,
She gave us a name, different but
When we were wrong, way too long,
She showed us the right, with positive
light, When we were down, in colourless
She made us smile, forever and a
When we were alone, feeling
overthrown, She held our hand, to make us stand. As mother, she is a temple of beauty,
Always full of LOVE, ‘care’ being her
As sister, she is a treasure of smiles,
Sharing joy of life, in the ‘secret’ files,
As wife, she is a blend of beauty and art,
Together at every step of life, wise and
As friend, she is a heart so loyal and
With open mind, she knows ‘me’ and ‘you’. A forever smile,
An adventurous exile,
A light in dark,
An enlightening spark,
A flapping wing,
A magical ring, A loyal heart,
A creation of art,
A peaceful dove,
A figure of LOVE…!!