PARENTS – The Hands of GOD!

By Varun Genius

The words you are going to read
come straight from my heart. It
required no thinking; it sprouted up
instantaneously in my mind. It’s about
PARENTS. We all love our parents and
are always thankful to them. Aren’t we? Doesn’t matter what situations we
have been through, we always end up
in drawing ourselves towards them.
There’s something that never lets this
bond tear apart; not even a little. It’s
something more than a relation; the word ‘relation’ can’t define its true
nature. There may be times when we
hurt them intentionally or
unintentionally. But have you ever
noticed that when we hurt them, it
disturbs us, not them. They are always ready to accept; even our unexpected
words and our undesirable actions.
Have you ever wondered that no
matter how your parents have been in
character in their young ages; they are
always kind and caring when they become PARENTS! What brings so
much change? Do you think it is
because they think it is customary to
love and take care of their children?
Do you think they fear GOD’s wrath
and are compelled to be so? Do you think they consider their affection and
care as ‘duties’ to be performed or
‘rituals’ to be followed to keep GOD
happy? Can you really ever know
what they actually think about you?
Most of you must have been haunted by such questions at some point of
your life. But the main question is,
“why is there a need to know if you
already get what you really want from
them?” – Love! “Our parents are always supportive,
loving and caring!” Not all of you
believe that, do you? Most of you
might have experienced otherwise.
There may be many instances when
you feel that your parents always deny your actions, your ideas, your
words and even your beliefs. You may
feel that they are always trying to
‘restrict’ you, to bind you in chains. But
there’s something that you don’t
know and which I’m going to tell you now! In general, the term ‘parent’ refers to an individual who takes
proper care of her young ones by
nourishing them, protecting them
from harm, and teaching them the
good things that they themselves
have experienced in their lives . That’s just a general definition; and
definitions are just definitions unless
they are interpreted into some
meaningful words that have some
significance in our lives. So, here’s my
interpretation! “Parents are hands of GOD”. What do we do with our hands? We can do innumerable tasks with our
hands. We can write, climb, grasp,
hold, lift, eat, manipulate, express,
help, scold, slap, clap, appreciate,
fetch, and do so many things with our
hands. Now read my interpretation and see what relation you can make of
it. If parents are hands of GOD, then: PARENTS write our fate, PARENTS make
us climb and reach the heights,
PARENTS teach us to grasp good
thoughts, PARENTS hold our hands
when we are about to fall, PARENTS lift
us up when we are down, PARENTS feed us with their love, PARENTS
manipulate (guide) us so that we are
proceeding in the right direction,
PARENTS express their emotions for
us, PARENTS help us at every step of
our life, PARENTS scold us when we are wrong, PARENTS slap us when we
cross the limits, PARENTS clap for us
when we perform well, PARENTS
appreciate us when we show our
uniqueness, PARENTS find us
wherever we are! So, if parents are hands of GOD, then it
must be ‘us’ who are wrong
somewhere in believing otherwise.
The Creator knows the absolute truth;
what’s wrong and what’s right! He
uses his hands for moulding His children into something that He truly
desires. PARENTS are hands of GOD;
they mould us into a shape so unique
from others but original in character.
Doesn’t matter what character we
possess, we are always loved by our parents the same way as everyone
else is! There is a fundamental energy
that makes us ‘realize’ and ‘aware’ of
our kindness when we become
parents. This fundamental energy is
the Creator Himself. He is the one who, through his ‘hands’, shapes us into
reality; the same way we create things
with our hands. So, next time you think that that you
are being ‘restricted’ by your parents,
that means you are actually trying to
break a bond that is unbreakable.
Every time you consider their
‘guidance’ or their ‘decision’ as ‘restriction’, that means you are
leaving the hands of GOD and in doing
such you can’t become anything; not
even a HUMAN. But this doesn’t mean that parents are
always right in making decisions for
us. They can be wrong too! But as
their children, as a family, don’t you
think it is our duty to tell them what
we actually feel. A family lives happy when we all express ourselves with
honesty. If you express yourself, your
parents will know your every desire
and they will give their best to make
you achieve the same. This is exactly
what our own hands do! Isn’t it? When we wish for something, we use
our hands to act in the direction of
achieving it, and finally we grasp it!
Similarly, our parents’ guide us in the
direction of achieving our dreams/
desires and help us grasp the same. Always wish that the hands of GOD
stay on your shoulders to guide
you, to love you and to shape you
into originality!