This post was written by one of my Mother’s good friends. She is in the final stages of cancer and has decided to bow out gracefully. Here is the letter she wrote. Please visit her blog to give her your support.


Dear Body, faithful friend…

You have been my strong and patient companion all these years. I understand why, finally, between the pulling of Spirit and the bullying punches of relentless Ego, you have begun to flag.

Ego shoved your feet into spindly heels and pointy toes, hated those feet or your nose, ate too much, starved for vanity, applied chemical spills to your head. Smoked. Drank. Ego, that harridan-slave, pretender to the throne, painted you, shoved you, made you walk when you needed to rest and starve when you needed to eat – treated you like a dumb stubborn beast.

Even Spirit, your better friend, abandoned you when she was hurt, leaving you in the wrong embraces of strangers, or empty and still, near-lifeless.

Spirit never stopped wanting more. Ego screamed you down – you, the one perfectly attuned to the real.

You have been a warrior and a joy and I thank you for your still-brave efforts. You have deserved better.

Now you get lentils and blueberries and to watch the dawn – and we work together. Ego is banished to the cheap seats (but still managing to bawl loudly for attention) spirit is finally seeing and hearing you. We treat you with respect and gratitude.

You brought such gifts…love’s touch, the passing of wind through my hair. You smelled the apple trees and buried your face in a dog’s warm fur. You connected everything, knew everything. You took grave punishment and rallied a thousand times. Thank you for my hands and pleasure of making. Thank you for the sights my eyes have seen and for music and voices and sure instincts. For all of that.

And now, late, I do not regret – but am astonished at your resilience.Stay a little yet, my weary soldier so that we can pay our overdue respects?

Ego sits down.
Spirit stands with you.

We bow.

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