So How Much Money Have You Spent This Week On Easter??

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If you don’t already know about the amazing work Eden Riley is doing in Africa..right this moment you need to go directly to the link above and be changed forever by her posts. You also need to subscribe to her posts.

Eden is an Aussie Blogger in East Africa for World Vision. She is a Mummy too and a much braver woman than I could ever be…(I would be howling the whole time…as I am while I blog this)

With the excesses of Easter coming this weekend we would all do good to remember the current famines in East Africa …maybe even feel compelled to donate to World Vision.

Once again here is the link….Edenland

And again incase you think I am just rambling Edenland

I can’t believe I just told my Husband off for eating the kids Easter Eggs…they have kilograms of the crap…they don’t need. I…

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