Neither the beating heart,
Nor the successful start,
Neither the infinite blue,
Nor the friendly crew,
Neither the material world,
Nor the golden word,
Neither the wonderful gifts,
Nor the surprizing “lifts”,
Neither the masked people,
Nor the inspiring ripple,
Neither the interesting talks,
Nor the silent walks,
Neither these city lights,
Nor the vengeful fights,
Nothing can make it persist,
That I exist.

The silent breathing,
The magical feeling,
The miraculous healing,
The emotional dealing,
The unknown dimensions,
The energetic vibrations,
The unbreakable relations,
The ‘inspiring’ motivations,
The smiling faces,
The leading traces,
The loving bands,
The helping hands,
The beautiful ‘shine’,
The sacred, the divine,
All these make it persist,
That I exist…..!!!

©Varun K. Sharma