If you consider yourself a member of the Alternate Economy and someone who is willing to Live in Love, please sign the petition that I have drafted.

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This Petition is written to the United Nations with the intention of informing them that we will no longer participate in an economy of Greed. I would love to see how many signatures we are able to get. Please, if you feel this petition is worthy, share it with as many people as you can!

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We, the undersigned, write this letter today, to inform our governments that we will no longer participate in an economy of greed. The current system of government is broken. You engage in wars that are about power struggles not protection, allow corporations to pillage our earth and hamper new green technologies in favour of outdated ones. You lie about where our taxes are spent. You create laws without the permission of the people in order to better control the people. You take everything from your citizens and offer it over to the bankers, who are your stewards. You rule through fear and manipulation and rely on the complacency of your citizens. There a growing number, however, that will no longer submit to the status quo.

You negligently permit corporations to determine supply and demand while they hoard our resources. This form of voracious greed spreads to your citizens who are forced to live in a state of fear and scarcity. We will no longer accept anything less than a government that will promote and encourage equal access to all resources for all people.

We, the undersigned, are writing to you today to tell you that we will no longer participate in this economy of greed. We will not support your government, nor the next. We will not rest until we have created an alternative currency, by forming a new Banking system based on Generosity and Equality. We will work together with common cause, investing our shared resources towards making use of the pre-existing technologies which will bring world peace. We will withdraw from the current economy and we will take many millions of people with us. True power lies in the people, not in the government. It is you who work for us, and never forget that. Without our support, your game of greed will crumble around you and you know this to be true. You will choose to rely on past methods to scare us back into compliance. You will attempt to discourage us and mock us for our efforts. But you will fail. We will not be broken. We will not be swayed.

Consider this fair warning. We will not raise arms, we will not de drawn into pointless debate, we will not change from our course. When you strike us down, we will not strike back, but simply stand tall once more. In the end we will equal your demise. In your frantic attempts to destroy us, you will only destroy yourselves. The world is entering a new era. We, the undersigned, shall restore Balance to our great nation, by committing to live in Love!

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