Love is… Law.Of.Vibrational.Expansion

I like new perspectives…

M y s t i i c

I am going to share with you today a very special piece from a very special blog… a space that has taught me much that I do know of life!!

Love, meant a word to me. Till I discovered a new way to live it and love it. The more I expanded my awareness of love this way… the more I found my experiences with love extending into my life and through my life… into the many lives I connect with.

Love is a LIVE experience now… and I am grateful to have found a perspective that removes the shackles of of my human understanding and teaching me each day… to let love be my master… in more ways than just ONE.

Now… love to me… means… the LAW… the Law.Of.Vibrational.Expansion!! In finding this meaning, I found a new question to ask myself… “HOW CAN I APPLY L.O.V.E in this…

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