by Varungenius

“The ability of a living organism to use its senses to interact with the surroundings, understand its various laws and interpret them into simple facts that can be easily remembered voluntarily or involuntarily, is known as perception.” This is pure scientific definition of perception and quite difficult to understand as you may have realized.Image Let’s try to redefine it through our own sense of perception; what we actually believe in. Imagine a situation where a blind man is walking on a road using his stick as a tool to sense the surroundings. What do you think he uses his stick for? He continuously moves his stick right in front of his feet and checks if there’s an obstacle lying ahead. Which senses are in action now? When the stick hits an obstacle, it vibrates slightly and the hit produces sound, so two senses are in action- touch and hearing. But do you think that his organs are actually responsible for such perception of the surrounding world? Think again! A blind person is unable to “see” his surroundings through his eyes, but using his senses of touch and hearing, it appears as if he can actually “see” the surroundings and thus react to it. Imagine another situation where you are sitting on a bench near the road side and waiting for bus or taxi. Now close your eyes for a few seconds and just try to hear the sound of vehicles passing by. You’ll notice that the sound of the vehicles moving on road gives you an idea of the location of the vehicles. It seems as if you can actually “see” the vehicle moving, but not with your eyes this time. Now, how will you define perception? Is it simply using your ‘dedicated’ or ‘specified’ sense organs to understand the surrounding world and is it more than that or is there some other explanation that we haven’t heard of or experienced yet? If perception simply means to use our sense organs, then how can we swap our sense organs in the way we want them to be? Or in other words, how can a blind “see” through his ears and hands; and how can we locate a vehicle by just hearing the sound it produces? These questions raised my curiosity and forced me to think over for their answers. And here’s what I came forward with……THE SINGLE EYE OF PERCEPTION.

A 3-year old child is taught from the very beginning about his body parts and their fundamental functions……eyes to see, nose to smell, tongue to taste, skin to feel, and ears to hear. But imagine a situation where a child is taught the unusual way, for example, eyes to hear and ears to see. What do you think will happen? Will the child start seeing with his ears or hear with his eyes? I bet he will! In the language of science, this will be termed “evolution” and will take millions of years to occur and that too only if the environment permits him to (survival of the fittest). But just think for a while; ignore the facts about evolution and just see the point I’m trying to project here. Our brains are so naïve and flexible that they can be moulded and deformed by our own will. If we are taught to live happily and positively right from our early childhood, we will grow, develop and become the same. I see perception having a single EYE which is differentiated into various organs of hearing, seeing, touching, feeling and smelling. In the world of absolute reality, that is, in the reality of SELF, there is just one EYE of perception (as I call it ‘the third eye’). This eye is not in our relative reality and is thus, not located physically where we can actually see it through our material eyes or sense it with other material senses. It is the eye of our CONSCIOUS, the eye of our SELF; that lies deep within in the garden of peace and covered by the fake realities of this material world. As long as we are unaware of it, we will be using our senses the way we were taught from our very childhood. But, if awakened (through meditation, etc.), we may use this wonderful master sense to perceive this surrounding world in its actual REAL form. We will be able to understand the various laws of nature in the way they were actually made and in the form they actually meant to be.

Think of it from a new direction. When we see through our eyes, what do we actually “see”? We see what we believe to be correct and we never deny or disagree to something that we see ourselves through our own material eyes. This fact dominates people all over the world that “what’s seen through the eyes can never be wrong, invalid or contradictory”. Let me give you a practical example! Imagine a room filled with your favourite stuff and some stuff that is of no interest to you at all. You enter the room and you are asked to see all the stuff and then write them down on a page after you come out of the room. Will you be able to remember all the things? And even if you do, which list of items will you write first? Of course, your favourite ones! This is because your eyes see what you want them to see; your brain learns what you want it to learn; it’s completely dependent on your “will” or “conscious”. Your senses work in the way you want them to work. This is the part of absolute reality. We perceive our surrounding world with a single eye; the third eye or the eye of our conscious. And the power or the driving energy behind our perception is our BELIEF SYSTEM. What we believe, we perceive and what we perceive, we believe. So, according to me, perception may be redefined as “THE PROJECTION OF OUR BELIEFS IN FRONT OF OUR MATERIAL EYES AND REALIZATION OF REALITY INSIDE THE SINGLE EYE OF CONSCIOUS DRIVEN BY THE ENERGY DERIVED FROM OUR BELIEF SYSTEM”. This is my belief and my way of perception towards perception!