True Sharing

As part of this week’s Generosity Challenge, I have decided to participate and post some examples of my own that I have accomplished this week. One of the more difficult categories of the Generosity Challenge is performing one act of True Sharing. I have performed two this week to use as examples. The first act of True Sharing draws upon my passions and my skills. True Sharing is recognizing what we have to offer our peers and giving it freely. Since I am skilled in writing and passionate about freeing humanity from the shackles of greed, I have decided to share with you a petition that I have drafted. In the spirit of Generosity I have also allowed my good friend Lesley free reign with editing my first draft. True Sharing involves allowing others to participate in the act as well.

Sign the Petition Here!

This Petition is written to the United Nations with the intention of informing them that we will no longer participate in an economy of Greed. I would love to see how many signatures we are able to get. Please, if you feel this petition is worthy, share it with as many people as you can!

Sign the Petition Here!

For my second act of True Sharing I will be writing a letter to a good friend that lives here in Ottawa. I have lost touch with her of late, and I know that she is a little annoyed with me for having done so. She is a good friend of my parents and was an important part of my youth. My second act of True Sharing will be my attempt to rekindle this relationship.

My Dearest Friend,

I write to you today because I realize it has been far too long since last I contacted you. I would like you to know that you have been in my thoughts a lot recently and it is time that we spent some time together, as we once did.

As far back as I can remember, hearing your name has always equaled a tickle of anticipation. Saying that our friendship was unique would not surprise anyone. To me, you were the adult that would dare to be a kid. Yet I remember you would always tell me that I was the only kid that was adult enough to have the privilege to spend time with you. I remember watching “Dirty Dancing” with you countless times in the basement, and re-enacting our favourite songs together. I remember you would entrust me with gossip far beyond my years, but I would never tell. I remember you washing my hair and teaching me how to deal with dandruff. I remember long walks in the park with your dogs, finished off with a treat from McDonald’s.

It makes me sad to think that our memories together may be finished. I know that it is mostly my fault that we have not reconnected since I have moved to Ottawa. I could offer excuses, but in the end the truth is that time rushes by and sometimes it is just easier to say nothing. I realize that I no longer wish to lose people in my life. Loving relationships were not meant to be ended.

I would Love to try to rekindle our past friendship. If you are interested, I am available this week and would Love to take you out for dinner. Since I know you are rather skilled in the art of restauranteuring, I will leave the location to you. Let me know if you are available!

Yours through eternity,