by Varungenius

Inside a secure shell,
Away from manly hell,
She protected me from teary rain,
Giving me breaths, taking my pain;
Breathing same air, hearing same sound,
Connected by blood lines, together we are bound,
Feeling what I felt,
Dealing what I dealt,
She never blamed my moves,
Holding me tight, she never let me loose.

From the dry ground,
Water, for me, she found,
Drowning herself in tears,
She protected me from fears,
With empty chamber in dark night,
She fed me with positive light,
Lying on floor she kept me high,
Singing hymns of joy without any sigh,
Taking me away from the unknown crowd,
She gave me smiles when I cried out loud.

On the cradle of love and care,
She gave me swings of joyful stare,
With surprising faces and wide giggles,
She made me laugh with bodily ripples,
From the depths of frequent nightmares,
She pulled me out of strange dark layers,
Holding my hand, making me stand,
She moulded my feet for walking on strand,
Kissing at my every wound,
She created everything that I ruined.

To every temple I pray, She is my prayer,
To every spark I ignite, She is my flare,
To every wish I make, She is my belief,
To every pain I bear, She is my relief,
To every word I say, She is my meaning,
To every mistake I commit, She is my learning,
To every photo I capture, She is my frame,
Everything that was unknown, She gave it a name.

A figure of LOVE,
Dedicated to serve,
A sea of care,
Pure at every layer,
A relation forever strong,
True in hearts, never wrong,
A trustful thread that remained,
Chained but unchained,
A connection so divine,
Even GOD stands in line,
Linked to one another,
Me and my sweet MOTHER…!!!