Concrete Goals

As part of this week’s Hope Challenge, I have decided to participate and post some examples of my own that I will be Hoping to accomplish this week. Without concrete goals, maintaining a feeling of Hope is rather difficult. Hope requires a destination. It arises when we move towards that destination with positive action, but it first requires we know where we are headed. I will be posting three goals for this week as well as one long term goal and I will follow up with my POSITIVE ACTION post to let you know how I fared.

1: Short Term – Organize My Closet

This may not seem like a very inspiring action, unless you consider that I do not have a closet, but rather a floor and a laundry room. And way too many clothes. Clothes I never wear. Clothes that clutter my space. Clothes that I cannot tell if they are dirty or clean it has been so long that they are in the laundry room… I am a bit of a pig sometimes…

This week I am going to take some garbage bags to my bedroom and laundry room and sort out the clothes I need from the clothes I do not. I will wash all the ones I need and organize them on a bookshelf that is sitting empty in my room. I will donate the bags of clothing to the Salvation Army. And I will feel much better for doing it.

2: Short Term – Foster a Sense of Receiving

This one may seem a little vague, but I have been single for 8 months and I still miss my ex every day. I sometimes get caught up in the feeling that I will never meet anyone else. I think to myself that my last girlfriend was perfect for me, or so I remember, and she got bored with me. So how could I ever find anyone that will feel the same way for me as I do for them?

This week I will move forward with the knowledge that my last girlfriend was not perfect for me. She was just a person, like any other. I am Love, so anyone I meet will be perfect for me, provided they are willing to give me a chance.

This week I will keep my eye open for those chances. And I will remember that I am here to receive Love, because I am Love.

3: Short Term – Eat more Vegetables

It is funny, as I look through my bags of seeds and prepare the ground at the farm I realize that 90% of these vegetables never grace my refrigerator and if they do, they rarely make it to my stomach. I am growing this garden for the Alternate Economy because I like to garden and to be outside and to give to my peers. I don’t really care that much for vegetables…

That isn’t really true, there is just a certain amount of effort that goes along with cooking a meal involving fresh veggies. Not much effort, just a little bit more. And it is that little bit of effort I rarely decide to make.

So this week I am going to make an effort. I am not only going to buy some new and interesting vegges that I never cook with, but I am also going to cook them! Sometimes I am guilty of forgetting about things until it is too late. This week I will make an effort to expand my diet. For both my health and my peace of mind.

4: Long Term – Reach 250,000 People Ready to Live in Love

This one you guys are probably familiar with, but I keep reminding you because I need your help. I WILL reach 250,000 people, and sooner than you might guess. This blog is sitting at 2,079 followers as of today. But I need your help. I have been overwhelmed with the number of reposts and references this 8 week challenge has received. I would Love to see that continue.

For this goal I will not be changing much. I have been working towards this goal since October of 2011. And I don’t plan on stopping. Even if it kills me, which it probably will. But everyday I log on to this blog and I am filled with Hope for the future. I go to sleep and when I wake up 5 new people have found my blog. There are always new comments every time I return to my computer. Thank you all so much for being so involved in this project! Please know that even if I do not respond, I read every single comment and Love you all for your contributions!

Thank you for helping me get to where I am today. I can’t wait to show you what I am capable of!