Positive Action

This post is going back to our week in Hope. To give my example of Positive Action and how it can result in a stronger sense of Hope, I will be discussing my Love life. I had made a point to open myself to new situations this week, in order to try to meet some new people. I had resolved to greet new chances at Love with open arms and a smile. So, here is my story.

As you may remember, I went for lunch last Wednesday with my Grandfather and met a very attractive and friendly waitress. It did not seem very appropriate to initiate a conversation at the time, but I did make a mental note to go back, alone, and see if I couldn’t strike up a conversation with her.

So that is what I did. I grabbed a pen and a pad of paper and went out for lunch solo two days ago, with the intention of writing for the blog and making a new friend. When I arrived I could see it was quite busy. Because I was not sure what her name was, and because I did not want to end up in someone else’s section, I decided to grab a seat at the bar, near the area where the servers pick up drinks. After a few minutes of surveying the restaurant I came to the conclusion that my waitress from last week was not there.

But I was on a mission, and I had come that far, so why not continue. I had made to decision to leave myself open to any opportunity for more Love in my life, so why not talk to someone else? There were two bartenders at first, both quite busy. After a bit one of them took notice of me and informed me of the specials. I decided to let the Universe take over and made sure to just try to make as much eye contact with her at first, as possible. I truly believe the eyes are the window to the soul, and one of the best ways to communicate feelings of support and Love.

I asked her what her favourite wine was and ordered a glass of that. It was a sweeter Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, Monkey’s Bay, I think. A little sweet for my taste, but I enjoyed it all the same. I then ordered a pasta and opened my notebook to start writing. I didn’t say much at first, and she was pretty busy, so it was fine. I just wrote. And wrote. And wrote. I got 3 pages out before my food arrived and another 3 while eating. She asked a bunch of questions throughout about how I was enjoying the food and wine. I responded gently with full eye contact and a big smile. As the bar started to empty and things started to wind down from the lunch rush, I could see that my bartender was eyeing the notebook relatively often. So, when it came time for dessert, I put my pen down and engaged her a little more seriously.

I told her to surprise me with dessert. That I trusted her to make the right decision. Then I asked her how long she had been working there. Turns out she has been there for several years. We talked a little about my work, also a restaurant. We talked about how it is nice to feel like a family at work with your co-workers, and how I miss that a little, now that I work in such a small place. We chatted about school and wine and even the weather. In the end I asked her name and told her mine. We shook hands and she told me to come back in soon so that we could chat some more. And then I took my leave.

It was nice. Nice to know how easy it is to start a conversation with a stranger. Nice to see someone meet my eyes when I hold onto theirs with mine. It made me feel a little more confident. Put a little spring in my step. And it certainly has helped me to choose my new hangout.

It is positive actions like these that keep Hope alive. Hope does not come from getting what you want immediately. Hope comes from taking small steps towards your goals and leaving room to enjoy the anticipation of finally getting what it is you Love. I am going to go back again next week to see if I can’t have another conversation. At this point, a little Hope is exactly what I need.