Week 5: Receiving

What is Receiving?

Core Essay on Receiving

If I had to guess, I would probably say that Receiving is going to be the most difficult challenge for most people. I know for me it is definitely the aspect of Love that I struggle with the most. I even considered taking a “break” from the challenge for a week and allowing people to rest. I even allowed one of the contest participants to convince me that it was a good idea to avoid Receiving for a week.

Most people who live in Love feel it is better to give than to receive. I do not agree. It is better to give and receive equally. If we give more than we receive we find that we run into emotional imbalances. No matter how we try to justify it to ourselves, in the end we always feel like we are being neglected. We like to say we are fine with never receiving, but how do we really feel about that?

Receiving is difficult in this world, because it requires us to truly Love ourselves. This is the big test. This is the week where we find out if we actually Love ourselves, or if it is all an act. Because in order to properly Receive Love, we must know in our hearts that we deserve to Receive that Love. This comes from a position of self-confidence. A position of knowledge and awareness of one’s worth. We need to realize that we deserve to be spoiled just as much as those we spoil.

This Weeks Challenge

This week we will be concentrating on three areas of Receiving. I will ask you to first start listening to those around you. How often do we Receive compliments and not even realize it? How often does someone reach out to us with Love only to be refused out of politeness? How often do we say “no” to Love? You might be shocked to learn the answer…

But Receiving is not just about passively accepting compliments. Receiving is also about actively engaging your Loved ones, so that they know what it is you require from them. If we never tell someone we Love what we expect, obviously we will never Receive it. Our Lovers cannot read our minds any better than we can read theirs. Receiving starts with honestly admitting when you need help and ends when we actually allow someone to include themselves in our life.

The following examples are suggestions only. Feel free to incorporate as many of them into your daily life as you are able to, or create your own examples of Receiving.

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The following challenge is split into three categories. Please complete each category and send an email with an essay describing how your week of Living in the Spirit of Receiving has changed you. This essay can be anywhere from 500 to 1000 words and will become a post on this blog.

Gracious Receiving

For this week I would like everyone to keep a journal again. This time, write down anything that could possibly be taken as a compliment that you have received from another person during the week. Notice how at first you are very critical in your assessment of what passes for a compliment. Try to remember how you respond to the various comments and write that down as well. Do you change the subject after a compliment? Do you say “thank you, I have always noticed that about myself as well”? Try to pay attention to your natural response to compliments. If you are not Receiving Graciously, but are instead down-playing most compliments, or even failing to notice them, then it is time for a change.

Seeking Help

Don’t be afraid to ask. Seriously. I cannot help you if you do not ask. And I want to. I Love you. I would do anything for you. But how can I, if you do not ever tell me?

I know you are not quite as happy as you display in public. No one is. We all have our bad days. If your Loved one never hears about the bad days, of course they will seem unsupportive and self-absorbed. But maybe it is less to do with them not caring about you as much as you care about them. Maybe in our refusal to share our true feelings, we ourselves have created a situation where we feel like we get taken advantage of.

This week, tell me about your bad days.

Balanced Expectations

This section of the challenge is all about analyzing our expectations. We Receive what we expect to Receive. Always. If we expect to be ignored, guess what… If we expect to be taken for granted, we will Receive it. Maybe it is time to Balance our expectations in life. Do you deserve to be treated fairly? Do you deserve freedom? Do you deserve affection? Do you deserve self confidence? Do you deserve support? Do you deserve to Receive Love in all of its forms?

The answer can only be yes. If it is not, then it is time to take a good hard look at our expectations.

I expect to be Loved. Because I know that I am a damn good Lover.

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