8 Week Challenge: Exploratory & Shared Passions

Exploratory Passion

So, as you know, I’m all about the crafts. So, when I read the Exploratory Challenge, my creative gears immediately started turning. What craft hadn’t I tried that I’d always wanted to? Well, to be honest, loads of things came to my mind. I had some criteria, though, which helped me narrow it down. It had to be cheap, it had to be easy to get the tools for, and it had to create something useable or decorative in the end. There, of course, are many options out there that would work, but I settled on learning how to burn wood. No, not just build a fire, but use a wood burning “pen” and create pretty pictures. It followed all my rules, so seemed the perfect choice. It was cheap, the pen was only ten bucks, it was easy to find (Hello Walmart), and it definitely would have an end product that could (potentially) be displayable.
So, I got right down to it. I picked out some practice wood, sketched out rough outlines and started burning. It was… cool. Actually, as it turns out, I don’t think it’s something I can get Passionate about. I know, this challenge is supposed to be about finding a new passion, but you know what? Sometimes you’re going to get a bunch of duds before you find something  you can really throw yourself into. It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the wood burning. I did. I’ll probably do it again. It’s just that… well, it was too easy. It’s really just like drawing. It didn’t challenge me at all, I could just sort do it, without much effort.

First Attempt

Second Attempt

Third Attempt

Yeah, I know, there’s room for improvement, for sure, I just don’t think I’m all that interested in improving. Meh, better luck next time. I have no doubt that I will find loads of things to be passionate about in the future, this just wasn’t one of them.

Shared Passions

The thing I’ve chosen as the Passion I’m going to share is Photography. I don’t really have a lot to write about on the subject just now, because I haven’t really started yet. My husband wants to help me with my Photography business (because I’m doing oh so well on my own lol), and I thought it would be fun if he knew his way around a camera. For father’s day this year, I’m going to find him a DSLR of his own and teach him the ins and outs of my Passion. If he learns to Love it as much as I do, it will open up a whole new world of possibilities for us for everything from vacations to careers. It’s going to be a very exciting new era for us. Stay tuned, I’ll update you as the lessons progress.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning about Passion this week, and would Love it if you would join us in the 8 Week Challenge. Next up with be learning to have a Spirit of Receiving (something I’ve always struggled with, so this week should be particularly helpful for me), but you can always go back to the beginning and start whenever you’d like. I can’t tell you how this Challenge is changing my life on a daily basis. I’m seeing things differently than I ever have before, and I’m becoming a better person for it. Join in and change your life too! I can’t wait to hear your stories!

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Author: Lesley Pelletier of SustainableUtopia