Honest Passion

For my example of Honest Passion, I will be attempting to discuss my greatest passion. But first I must identify my greatest passion. I am getting the impression that some of you are having a hard time identifying what it is your greatest passion might be. There is really only one way to find out what it is… work it out with a pencil.

So, here is my piece on Honest Passion.

I am incredibly passionate about several things. I Love to problem solve. It is what I do best, in my opinion. Give me a problem and I will find the answer. I always do. But when it comes to problem solving, what gets me the most excited is tackling a problem that has been deemed by society to be “unsolvable”. By introducing Balance and Awareness into my assessment of a problem, I am coming to learn that no problem is unsolvable. Not one. There is a solution to any problem this Earth has to offer me. And the solution is almost always somewhere in the middle. I am passionate about finding Balance in a situation.

I am also incredibly passionate about sharing my Love with others. I Love to Love. It is what I do best, in my opinion. Give me a wounded soul, a broken heart, or a tattered self image and I will kiss your wounds, mend your heart and piece together your confidence. If I am truly honest with myself, the more wounded the better. This is not the greatest habit on my part, because I am learning that the more wounded someone is the less likely they are to allow me to help them. But I cannot help myself. Looking at my track record, the four women I Loved the most in this life were a 16 year old mother, a girl living half way across the world who cheated on me repeatedly, a woman incapable of having sexual intercourse and a hopeless drug addict. These are not judgments. I forgave them all and dated them for over a year. But in the end, they all left me. I am not great at choosing Lovers… But I Love to Love. I Love to see someone turn from gloomy to smiles all because of me. And I am good at getting those smiles at first. But then it all starts to become a bit too much for my Lover. It all starts to become a bit too much for me too. I am only truly learning about who I am in the last 8 months. And I am pretty wounded myself. But if I am honest with myself then I must admit I am passionate about fixing people. I just want to make everything better.

And that is what it all boils down to. I just want to fix things. Share myself. Be the light in someone’s life. I am most happy when I know that those around me are also happy. I am most passionate about Living in Love. It is my greatest passion. Living in Love is all that I ever think about. It is all that matters to me. When I lie awake at night, I think of ways to fix our economy and introduce equality. When I drive to work I think about how best to include a loving interaction from recently into my blog. I want to share. I want you to see how easy it is.

But if we are really being honest, I am selfish. I do not so much want to change the conditions of this miserable world for everyone else. I do want it for everyone else. But mostly I want it for me. I want a world where I am allowed to Live in Love. I want my neighbours to Live in Love too. I want you to Live in Love, and your partner, and your friends. I am tired of fighting. Tired of the pain. It is all so unnecessary.

My honest passion is that I want to change the world, because I know it can be done, and I no longer want to live in a world where I am lonely while Living in Love.

I want to share my Love with everyone, even the most wounded, because I know you are all capable of what I have. We are all capable of Love. I will be the proof. I will Live in Love. And before long, I will change the world.