Week 4: Passion, honestly

I wrote before about not having any passions, really. And also about not quite trusting passion. I’m realizing that my initial response to this topic, Passion, is being colored by something that happens to me from time to time: I get too literal, I analyze t0o minutely, I lose my sense of humor. And what I further realize about that is this: It’s a response to fear, something I’ve also written about before, a topic of much past & future exploration. Though I’ve not written much about Week 4 of the 8 Week Challenge, it’s been percolating for all this time.

What is relevant here about these revelations (jeez! see what i mean?!?) is that a very real passion of mine is being …… revealed (good goddess almighty!!): I love seeing clearly. And I love blogging about it. And — not incidentally, & not coincidentally — that is the very point of my blog,  MindMindful, seeing with clarity, which is “mindfulness”. So, here, making me laugh, & lifting some of the fear, I am doing something I am really becoming passionate about: blogging. I find myself talking about “my blog”, “my blogging friends”, “blogs that are about …..”, trying to get others interested in reading blogs, & writing their own. I hope I’m not being annoying! I hope people will find something that helps them in some way through blogging. Is there a career in being a blogging ambassador??

So, the honest assessment of this passion of mine includes: The ‘fors’ — Connection with others, Wrangling with myself til I see something clearly, The spectacular insights that are sometimes revealed as I write, Expressing things within myself & my life that may be of benefit to others, Time flies by. The ‘againsts’ — Wrangling with myself til I see something clearly, Wrangling with myself til I see something clearly, Wrangling with myself til I see something clearly, Wrangling with myself til I see something clearly.

I think all of these are experienced by many writers, maybe all who write. And we all know the sense of triumph we feel when we’re able to finally express <>; it feels good!! It feels like We Have DONE Something, right?? Haha, well, by golly we have: We have engaged with that most fearsome of beasts, our selves, & corralled it long enough to find some truth, tiny or tumultuous. I know that I am writing so much because blogging software makes it easy to get the thoughts expressed, & stored, & shared. I have made many discoveries through this process, one being that it is nothing less than a very real journey. And  I have discovered just how timid I really always have been. Yet, blogging, the whole system & process, & passion of blogging — because I am looking so closely at my mind & its doings, & so often, seeing what is really there, helps me to be fearless. So, honestly? It’s a passion!

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