In the shining lights,
Of the starry nights,
I wondered at the beauty,
Speechless, I forgot my duty,
These cemented roads that I walk on,
This crowded city where I was born,
I remember that bouncy stunts on hay,
Those friendly chatters, and the street play,
I looked at the people and gazed for long,
Hearing voices whispering “what’s wrong!”,
They thought I was some crazy meat,
Sweeping the roads with my doubtful feet,
Walking alone on the road never seen,
I reached a place I’ve never ever been.

A jungle it was, of colours, not trees and grass,
A story it was, of present, not past,
A melody I heard, of peace, not fight,
A picture I captured, with darkness, not light,
I left my living world behind,
Life was here, where else to find,
Beauty was no longer in the city lights,
It was here in the dark shades of peaceful nights,
No one here was talking behind my back,
Frankly we shared, the things we lack,
No one called me ‘crazy’, no one called me ‘dumb’,
I was no longer a ‘stupid’, I was no longer numb.

When I started my journey to the unknown,
I never expected this transformation zone,
From artificial lights to the inspiring dark,
I made a map of my steps, without any sign or mark,
The jungle whispered and echoed my words,
It made me aware of existing real worlds,
In the jungle, amidst the imbecile,
I learned to live, love and reconcile…!!!

©Varun K. Sharma