Seeking Help

For my post on seeking help I will in fact be re-posting an article I wrote about a month or two ago. I need help!

I really do. I need help with this Project. It is a lot of work, and I cannot do it alone.

I have decided to post an add for volunteers for the Alternate Economy. I am finding that I am beginning to overextend myself and it is time to start including others in this community. There are three areas that I feel are lacking and could use some help. They are relatively simple jobs, but they tend to get overlooked when I am busy trying to update the blog.

1: Twitter Administrator – Filled

Thank you MindMindful!

I feel like my twitter account is pretty lame and doesn’t have many followers. I pretty much only tweet my new posts, so it is no wonder that it doesn’t have much of a following. Plus, I am not sure how you market twitter effectively. I would Love it if someone would take over the responsibility of posting daily tweets on the topic of Love and trying to promote the Alternate Economy’s twitter account. If you are interested, let me know in this comment thread.

2: Newsletter Administrator

I actually do have a newsletter list going, with a decent number of emails on it. I do not currently send out any newsletters, as those who are on the list may have noticed. I find there is just no time to get this organized. I would Love it if someone would take over the responsibility of writing a bi-weekly newsletter, featuring recent award winners, links to various related news articles and updates on the Experimental Farm. If you are interested in composing a bi-weekly newsletter for the Alternate Economy, let me know in this comment thread.

3: Promoter

The main goal of the Alternate Economy is spreading the word. The more time I spend at the experimental farm, the less time I have to promote this idea. I need someone who is willing to spend a few hours a week promoting the Alternate Economy by posting links back to this site on various related forums and blogs, etc. by leaving comments. This is NOT a SPAM job, but will require that you join some community sites and engage the members in a way that encourages them to visit our blog. If you are interested in promoting the Alternate Economy, let me know in this comment thread.

4: Radio Host – Filled

Thank you Katrina!

I am trying to create an archive of Radio shows that feature Living in Love as their main theme. This is another project that I just cannot seem to keep on top of. I would Love it if someone with a outgoing personality was interested in recording a show once every week for the Alternate Economy. This job will take a bit of a commitment, but you will have an audience of close to 2,000 listeners.

I would like to thank you in advance. I really appreciate the help and I feel that it will only move this idea forward. We can all play a role in promoting the idea of Living in Love. If you feel this cause is worthy, but don’t know what you can do to help, here are a couple of ideas…