Life, Love & Loneliness

‘Life is an expression of Love to the never-ending Mind of All.’

The above thought-form came into my consciousness – unbidden, as usual — just as I was waking from one of my typically bizarre dreams, one that involved my wife, some relatives I haven’t seen in over 15 years, and a few people I didn’t recognize at all.

Later, after snoozing for a bit more, the idea of loneliness floated into my mind, in relation to all the people in our world that feel it on a daily basis. I felt it a little at this moment as well, and called in a pair of loving Guides/Companions/Assistants that I have for some conscious support and reassurance. It was nice. Our conversation was short, then they ‘showed’ me something about this state of being that made sense. . . . . . Loneliness is the blocking/incapacity to express Love, which is our most sacred ‘activity’ in the Universe. We tend to think of it as something very personal, very intimate, very ‘individual’. But it isn’t really. Rather, it is wholly TRANS-personal in nature. We also tend to feel strongly that loneliness is a direct result of not receiving love, attention, companionship, etc. Based on my interaction this morning, it appears that the reality is just the opposite! The emotion we call loneliness is actually the failure or incapacity to express or give love to what we perceive as ‘others’. This is evidenced (to me) by the fact that I’ve been in huge crowds of people, even at parties sometimes, but still felt lonely. Also, it is a fact that the highest incidences of bouts of loneliness (and suicide) occur during the ‘holiday seasons’, when families and friends typically come together to celebrate life. As far as I’m concerned, this revelation feels spot on. How does it feel to you?

Another thing that this perspective explains (again, to me at least) is the wonderful inner peace that I feel after writing and posting a new blog, one that I feel may help somebody ‘out there’ in my etheric global community in some nice way. How do you fellow writers/bloggers feel after you’ve poured your heart out on your computer screen, and published a new post/article? Does the loneliness leave you, as it does me? Do you not feel more ‘complete’, content, fulfilled? For those of you who do not write for publication, doesn’t it feel wonderful when you ‘like’ somebody’s post, or leave a supportive comment? I feel that ‘like’ing another’s sincere expressions of their life and perspective is actually another simple, and truly powerful, act of love. So, according to the info that came to me about The Way Things Work this morning (the mechanisms and methodology of operations in the 3D/4D matrix), it’s logical that you should feel less lonely, less isolated, and more fulfilled when you show your appreciation by ‘like’ing other people’s creations . . . . . right?

This information also helps explain to me why cats and dogs are sooooooo powerful as pets and companions in dispelling loneliness, especially for single people. All one has to do is go pet your cat, or play with your dog, and you feel much better, much less lonely, no? Could it be that by expressing love to your pet you are unblocking your ‘energetic pores’, fulfilling once again your most fundamental divine calling (to express/manifest/expand Love), and thereby dispelling the dark clouds of loneliness in the process? Something to ponder — or better yet, to try!

Final Note: I hope this helps, makes some sense to you, or at least gets you thinking about things, important things. This is a site (The Alternate Economy, Daring To Live In Love) that is focused on Love in its myriad expressions, so I posted it here instead of on my personal blog site (WaveRider1,  This is my first post as a guest on this site.  My blog site sort of jumps all over the place regarding subject matter, though it maintains the general themes of personal expansion and collective evolution as a dual core. Please let me know if you’d ‘like’ to hear more from me on these sensitive, important themes. Oh, and please feel free to visit my blog site if in fact you did enjoy this piece. It’s got around 50 posts now, so you’re bound to like at least a couple of ’em!  My fondest hope, however, is that other people get something positive out of my meandering musings on life here on Terra, and it helps them in some way through these radical change times.  In any case, I hope this bit of info has lifted your spirits, and given you another little tool to smooth your way through the Great Shift.  In La ‘Kesh.