You are born to serve,
To live and love,
To blossom like a flower,
To be happy every hour,
To emerge of many, among a few,
To learn something new,
To shine like a star,
To remove every scar,
To be as fast as light,
To illuminate the darkness of night,
To get up every time you fall,
To live for one and for all.

When serving demands expectations, Who is wrong?
When loving gives no satisfaction, who is wrong?
When colours of your petals donot attract, who is wrong?
When time goes out of hand, who is wrong?
When only loneliness surrounds, who is wrong?
When learning produces sounds, who is wrong?
When shining becomes over-bright, who is wrong?
When healing starts paining, who is wrong?
When running leads to losing, who is wrong?
When encouraging means nothing, who is wrong?
When standing becomes uneasy, who is wrong?
When life becomes a burden, who is wrong?

When you stand, your legs start shaking,
And different excuses your brain starts making?
When you’re right, your confidence starts breaking,
And your inability to prove starts dominating?
When you love, your faith becomes questioning,
And you pretend that your head starts interfering?
When you learn, your projection becomes your “everything”,
And your money becomes a reason for earning?
When you are wrong, why do you run away?
Why don’t you face it the HUMAN way?
Why can’t you ever be so strong,
To think that even YOU can be wrong?

©Varun K. Sharma